If there is a new season of The Glee Project, I’ll be updating this blog. But, as of right now, I know nothing and keeping this blog here for you guys to watch.

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Blake’s poem - Glee-ality

The winner of The Glee Project season two is

You Can’t Stop The Beat - Glee-ality.

Michael Weisman’s last chance performances

"I have to put on the Muslim headscarf. It’s a very emotional scene for me because I’ve kind of fought against that my entire life and I have kind of broken the stereotype of what a traditional Muslim looks like, and it was hard for me to put that on." - Actability.

Here’s To Us - Actability.

All Shanna Solos + I finally made a YouTube TGP account, so y’all don’t have to wait for the video to load! You can find it here and the video on YouTube is here.

Son Of A Preacher Man - Actability.

One on One Mentoring Session - Actability.

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